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John Brumby

John Mansfield Brumby was born in Melbourne in 1952, he began his career as a secondary school teacher in 1980, leaving the classroom to work for the Victorian Teachers’ Union. In 1983 successfully ran for the seat of Bendigo in the federal House of Representatives, becoming the leader of the opposition in 1993.


As leader of the opposition, he held a number of shadow ministries including Treasury, Arts, Agriculture, State and Regional Development and Primary Industry. Brumby served as Treasurer and Minister for Regional Development and for Innovation during Bracks’ government. When Bracks resigned in July 2007, Brumby became the 45th Premier of Victoria.

At the December 2010 elections Labor was defeated by a Liberal National coalition lead by Ted Bailleu and Brumby resigned from Parliament on the 21st of December 2010. His career since has included government, business and academic board appointments including that of Chairman of the Council of Australian Governments Reform Council.

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