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Our Process

If you have made or acquired ownership of a feature length Australian film we would like to hear from you. You may be eligible for funding through our grants program.


How it works
  • Submissions for digitisation grants received through AFFF website

  • Consultation between AFFF and film maker/owner regarding eligibility and extent of work required

  • Level of financial support established (Letter of Agreement signed)

  • Restoration and 4K digitisation work completed by AFFF's associated digital studio partners

  • Digitised film licensed for online distribution with Ozflix streaming service (3 years)

  • Full copyright and non-streaming distribution rights remain with film maker/owner.



While our aspiration is the preservation of all works of the moving image produced in Australia, our reality is to begin by focusing on feature films only. Therefore AFFF grants will be made available based on the following criteria:

  • Dramatic narrative structure (we are unable to consider documentaries or non-fiction)

  • Works of 60+ minutes duration

  • Films produced in and/or about Australia and Australian stories with substantial local creative input (co-productions are eligible)

  • Existence of a complete print in workable condition

  • Means tested eligibility

Our post-production facillitators in Sydney and Melbourne process telecine in-house on the  Black Magic Cintel 4k.

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